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"Hungry Crow"

"Hungry Crow"

"Hungry Crow"
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When I was a child, my brother Johnny rescued a baby crow that had fallen out of the nest (or was pushed) and had fallen into a window well. We kept him, named him "Edgar Allen Crow", and my mother tried to teach him to say "Nevermore". He got pretty close, but it sounded more like "Ehh Err Orr". Not bad! He lived with us for 2 years. I'll never forget how he'd follow me, flying from tree to tree, as I walked down our gravel road to catch the bus for summer camp. He'd be there when I got home as well.

Marvin became very aware of birds and bird sounds through association with my mom, the veteran birdwatcher. We loved the sound of the baby crows in the spring - cawing loudly and then gagging a worm being shoved down their throats... "AWW!! AWWWW! AWWgghgdggnnnkAWW!!

I don't know off hand what background colors I have - I can also probably haul out my paints and make some alterations.

Only Three Left!!

Image size: 5" x 3"
Matted/Framed size: 10" x 8"
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