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Marvin's nickname for Earl was "Beloved Knucklehead". He was the son of Zazu and Captain who passed along his polydactyl genes to Earl who had 6 toes on each foot. Captain had 7 on the front and 6 on the back. Earl's grandmother on his father's side was Annabelle, part Maine Coon and sharp as a tack as were her kittens She had 7 toes on each foot. Her human was Cari, who was the person who introduced Marvin and I, and my only attendant at our wedding . Captain was from Annabelle's last litter. Earl's grandmother on his mother's side, however, was a different story. Jocasta was the product of much inbreeding - her mother, Arrow, belonged to the household where Marvin lived when I met him (The White House). She was named Arrow because she was all white with a spot of black on her forhead and one on the tip of her tail, as if she'd been shot straight through with an inky arrow.  She had countless litters and her offspring had litters (I should have started this story with "Arrow begat Jocasta who begat....") Marvin told a story about waiting for the heating oil to be delivered and being so cold he rounded up all of the kittens he could find and had them hanging by their claws from his sweater.

So while Earl was definitely brighter than his mother and mother's mother, he was nowhere as smart or clever as his father's side. He was very loved and loving from the day he was born in a box in our study on Main St. in Carbondale. One more little story -- he had such big feet, he could carry things around in his paws. He had a pet peach pit he'd carry from room to room, play with it a bit, then carry it to another room. He would even carry pens and pencils in his big beautiful paws.

That's all the geneology of Earl Grey that I can recall, but I think it's pretty unusual to know a cat's heritage on both the mother and father's side.

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