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"Garden Spider"

"Garden Spider"

"Garden Spider"
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One of the things Marvin and I had in common was an admiration for many creatures and plants others might find horrifying. For example, we intentionally planted creeping charlie and crown vetch, when our friends were desperately trying to erradicate these hardy florae.

There was a gorgeous garden spider who lived in the bushed outside of a Shoney's across the highway from a motel we stayed in many times on our way to shows in Florida. The spider, or it's offspring, was there for 3-4 years, and we looked forward to our semi-annual visit, always hoping the far corner booth was available. One year she was gone, and we were both so disappointed.

Originals are sold out, but I have nice, matted reproductions!
Image Size: 5" x 7" (a little bigger than the original)
Matted/Framed Size  9" x 12"
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