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"Fritz Lang Walks His Dog"

"Fritz Lang Walks His Dog"

"Fritz Lang Walks His Dog"
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While working at Indiana University in Bloomington, as a "sign-maker", Marvin took a crappy pink erasure and carved a little image. It was a long back-lit shadow between buildings. He printed it onto a scrap of paper and scotch taped it to his shirt, and then went to buy popcorn at the cafeteria. The woman behind the counter saw the title he had written on the little image and went into hysterical laughter. Turns out she was a film major - Fritz Lang was an early film maker from the 1930's, probably best known for "Metropolis". He loved using mysterious shadows which were of course filled with portent.

This version is a Dimensional linocut.

Sorry, Sold Out! Reproductions available, matted size 9" x 12"
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