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"Assaulting The Sky"

"Assaulting The Sky"

"Assaulting The Sky"
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This is one of the early dimensional woodcuts. Marvin hit on the theme "Comets and Ghosts", and studied how to portray his ideas in more than one dimension. In a dream, the man dug up gemstones which the woman carried away. As he threw dirt over his shoulder, it became comets that streaked through the trees.

The larger dimensional prints all started out as actual-sized magic marker drawings which Marvin assembled into a prototype so he could see exactly how each individual piece needed to be shaped and carved in order for them all to fit together properly. He would then take the prototype apart and use the pieces as a pattern. Like many of the larger dimensional woodcuts, this one is printed in several different colors as well as watercolored. The pieces are reinforced with archival matboard, some foam core, and acid-free glue.

Sorry, Sold Out! Thank you, Erol!! 
Reproductions available - it's cool even in 2D

Framed Size: 16" x 20"
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