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Living in an old farmhouse, we've had our share of bats trying their best to reside in the attic. They can have the entire barn, fer krissakes! Between the bats and the barn swallows, the natural mosquito control is pretty terrific. And they even work in shifts! Marvin enjoyed watching the bats swoop and dive at sundown, silhouetted against the diminishing sunset.

ONLY 4 ORIGINALS LEFT! Also some larger format reproductions available... I'll get a photo on here soon!
Image Size 2" x 2"  Part of the Periodic Table. Combine with others and create your own story... what's a story without bats?? I ask you!?

Image Size: 5" square (about 10 x the size of the original)
Matted/Framed Size  9" x 12"

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