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"Big Bunnies"

"Big Bunnies"

"Big Bunnies"
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Marvin had a dream that one year for his birthday in July I bought him a pair of giant rabbits, and he never had to mow the lawn again. He shows off our "new" window in the background, while the bunnies graze under the apple trees.

The large stumpy tree on the left is a boxelder in the backyard that refuses to die even though it has lost nearly all of its bark and branches. The main trunk is completely hollow - an unparalled cat motel. In the winter when all of the leaves are gone, the bare tree looks uncannily like a large rabbit keeping watch.

Originals are sold out, but I have nice, matted reproductions!
Image Size: 7" x 9" (a little smaller than the original)
Matted/Framed size: 12" x 16"
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