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"Cross Section"

"Cross Section"

"Cross Section"
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Illustration of an medieval Russian folk tale in which a city on wheels, inhabited by Magicians, Alchemists and Philosophers, remains invisible while in motion. When the city appears on the outskirts of town, the townspeople exclaim "hey, did you notice that there's a city at the edge of town??" Puzzled or not, they flock to the city to see the Magician perform, purchase potions and tonics, and marvel at the mysteries.

Marvin said it reminded him of the art fair business... we all travel incognito, arrive in a town to set up our little white-canopied city, erect our individual houses and over-decorate them with hope that the public will like what they see!

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Nearly every image is matted in a standard size to decrease your framing costs!

Image Size: 10" x 16"
Matted/Framed Size: 16" x 20"
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