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One of Marvin's first "healing visions" was of all the people who care about him throwing leaves into his river, his life force, and as the leaves hit the water they turned it sparkling pure and floated away. Leaves became our symbol for healing.

Sorry, Sold Out! Reproductions available.

~ Any number of works from the Periodic Table series may be purchased and grouped to form one eye-catching piece.
~ These groupings can be either Matted Only or Matted and Framed. Matted Only price is listed. Framed prices vary depending on quantity selected for grouping.
~ In the DATA box below, please specify the total number from the Periodic Table you wish to purchase. Also specify whether you'd like it Framed or Unframed. For example: "2nd of 6, unframed"
Image size: 2" x 2"
Matted size for single image: 8" x 10" (unless otherwise specified)
Framed size: variable depending on number ordered and shape desired
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