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I believe this odd print was inspired by a story by Robert Silverberg called "Passengers". All Earth is subject to the will of the "Riders"—-intangible beings who usurp human bodies temporarily and without warning, and do nothing but play and cause havoc.

The veiled figure has appeared in several of Marvin's works. He believed this creature was sitting on his chest when he awoke after a bout of sleep apnea. It became a powerful symbol to him of knowing who your enemies are, and keeping them close.

It was carved from a very hard tile that kept popping up at one corner in Marvin's Third Ward studio in Milwaukee, sometime around 1987. "Veiled Nightmare" is another depiction of the creature, and was also carved, or chipped, from another floor tile.

Nearly every image is matted in a standard size to decrease your framing costs!

Image Size: 10" x 10"
Matted/Framed Size: 16" x 20"
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