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This could be a metaphor, symbolizing the uphill climb, the weight we carry up the mountainside of life as we endeavor to reach for the clouds...
Actually, it's a wee portrayal of us pulling Olive, our sweet littlel 13' camper as we travel along life's highways, or Interstate 75 if you prefer.

~ Any number of works from the Periodic Table series may be purchased and grouped to form one eye-catching piece.
~ These groupings can be either Matted Only or Matted and Framed. Matted Only price is listed. Framed prices vary depending on quantity selected for grouping.
~ In the DATA box below, please specify the total number from the Periodic Table you wish to purchase. Also specify whether you'd like it Framed or Unframed. For example: "2nd of 6, unframed"
Image size: 2" x 2"
Matted size for single image: 8" x 10" (unless otherwise specified)
Framed size: variable depending on number ordered and shape desired
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