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"Thank You"

"Thank You"

"Thank You"
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Even though many more Tarot images made their way from Marvin's mind to blocks of linoleum and eventually to paper and my watercolor brushes, he knew "Thank You" was the last card in the deck. Above all, he was grateful for his time on earth. Marvin always said he was "the luckiest man in Bedford Falls". I think it's what made his artwork so personal and so powerful -- he never lost track of the magic.

Several of the Tarot series can be framed together for a more meaningful compilation; the matting and framing size/price depends on the number of images you have chosen.

ONE original found, matted 8" x 10"
I also have nice, matted reproductions for only $35 (Matted/Framed Size  9" x 12")

Probably one of our top sellers.

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