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I believe this little piece came about because a leftover scrap of linoleum brought an image to Marvin's mind because of it's shape. The block is actually a vinyl sheet material made by Speed Ball, that comes with an adhesive back which he would stick to a piece of heavy or layered plexiglas to keep it rigid. The vinyl carved beautifully; there are several pieces we call "linocuts" which are actually "vinylcuts".

Our property used to be in a "tornado alley", which I've heard has moved West of here... how that sort of thing happens, I have no idea! The house was hit by a twister a couple of years before we bought it... the barn suffered some damage, but was held in place by the concrete silo which sat downwind. The neighbor's barn blew down altogether. I think this little story is what sparked this little blockprint.

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Image Size: 2" x 3.5"
Matted/Framed Size: 10" x 8"
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