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"Weezy's Night Out"

"Weezy's Night Out"

"Weezy's Night Out"
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Our friends Wendy and Marianne had offered to be kitty caretakers while we were out of town for a couple of shows. When we arrived home very late, Weezy was there wrapping herself around our legs, obviously very glad to see us. I was puzzled as to why she was still outside, until I saw the tear-stained note on the dining room table which read "By the time you read this you will know something is terribly wrong..."

They had let Weezy, as well as Joey and Louie, outside for some air and recreation, but when it was time to leave Weezy was nowhere to be found. They looked everywhere, calling for her, but eventually had to leave to make the hour drive home and care for their own animals. They made the trip back and forth several times, but didn't see or hear Weezy even once, and so believed something had happened to her. They are both such caring people, and were so heartbroken at the thought that they were responsible for Weezy's demise, it was hard for me to not call them up with the news of Weezy's return even though it was 2am. I did call, of course, the first thing in the morning, to their Very Great Relief. Marvin carved this piece in commemoration, and presented them with the first of the edition.

Originals are sold out, but I have nice, matted reproductions!
Image Size: 3" x 5"
Matted/Framed Size  9" x 12"
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