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Dream Tarot

Dream Tarot

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"Scribe, The""Scribe, The"
"Self As Others""Self As Others"
"Serpent""Serpent"A tiny stencil print...Infamous snake curls around the Tree of Life
"Sky Is Falling, The""Sky Is Falling, The"
"Soup Of The Evening""Soup Of The Evening"A soup pot full of stars and planets...
"Thomas Hardy""Thomas Hardy"
"Thoreau Is Driven From The Garden By Unruly Nature""Thoreau Is Driven From The Garden By Unruly Nature"
"Tree House""Tree House"
"Trinity Of The Shroud""Trinity Of The Shroud"A trinity of dreams
"Way It Goes, The""Way It Goes, The"
"Wigwam Woman""Wigwam Woman"
"Willa Cather""Willa Cather"A woodcut portrait of an American author
"Young Dog""Young Dog"Little Bullets linocut illustration
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