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Dream Tarot

Dream Tarot

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"A Very Lucky Man""A Very Lucky Man"The "bowl" was always full to overflowing...
"Abnormally Short Haircut""Abnormally Short Haircut"
"At Last He Sleeps""At Last He Sleeps"an odd vision for a man whose dreams were of paramount importance...
"Babylon Sky""Babylon Sky"contemplation of the milky way
"Bayou Stomp""Bayou Stomp"
"Downpour""Downpour"Dream Oracle Tarot: The Three of Leaves
"Dreams of Bacon""Dreams of Bacon"Both Marvin and I have had the privilege of making friends with "chronologically advantaged adults", and our lives have been much richer for it!
"Evening Paper""Evening Paper"
"Fly Through Dreams Door""Fly Through Dreams Door"
"Four Quarters""Four Quarters"
"Fred Borrows Hot Sauce""Fred Borrows Hot Sauce"
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