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16"x20" Frame
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Dream Tarot

Dream Tarot

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"Big Black Crow""Big Black Crow"
"Big Bunnies""Big Bunnies"...A dream of bunnies who take over lawn care.
"City Of Philosophers""City Of Philosophers"...traveling wonders
"Face The Day""Face The Day"
"Floral Arrangement""Floral Arrangement"
"Heart Of Quartz, A""Heart Of Quartz, A"...A fine example of Marvin's narrative visions
"Mist Obscures The Stone""Mist Obscures The Stone"...uncovering truth and beauty
"Moon, The  Hand, And The Lotus Path, The""Moon, The Hand, And The Lotus Path, The"...A Block printed Journey
"Philosophy Lesson, The""Philosophy Lesson, The"Marvin and his father have a discussion
"Ramona's Feast:""Ramona's Feast:"
"Sea Land Sky""Sea Land Sky"Earth spiral...
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