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Dream Tarot

Dream Tarot

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"The Dance Of Elements""The Dance Of Elements"
"The Hand In The Mirror""The Hand In The Mirror"
"The Moon, The  Hand, And The Lotus Path""The Moon, The Hand, And The Lotus Path"...A Block printed Journey
"The Way It Goes""The Way It Goes"
"Three Water Dreams""Three Water Dreams"
"Traveler""Traveler"A self-portrait of the artist on a journey...
"Tree House""Tree House"
"Trinity Of The Sea""Trinity Of The Sea"A trinity of dreams...
"Trinity Of The Shroud""Trinity Of The Shroud"A trinity of dreams
"Trinity Of The Starving Buddha""Trinity Of The Starving Buddha"A trinity of dreams
"Twofold""Twofold"Human figures as living yin-yang
"Vision of a White Dragon""Vision of a White Dragon"
"Water That Does Not Wet The Hands""Water That Does Not Wet The Hands"...Major Arcana from the "Dream Oracle Tarot"
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