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Block Prints of Humor
Find something to make you smile!

Find something to make you smile!

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"The Neighborhood Saint""The Neighborhood Saint""Little Bullets" linocut illustration
"Thought Thief""Thought Thief"A dream depiction of... uh... what was I saying?
"Traffic Jam""Traffic Jam""Little Bullets" linocut illustration
"Tricky Devils""Tricky Devils"An Element from the "Periodic Table" Keep your eyes open for those tricksters!
"Unhandy""Unhandy"...Not for lack of effort!
"Visitors""Visitors"Unexpected visitors
"Who Knows?"We might understand our fates, but what path will we take to get there?
"Windmill""Windmill"the Six of Feathers from "Dream Oracle Tarot"
"Young Dog""Young Dog"Little Bullets linocut illustration
Burnt ToastBurnt Toast
Electric Eye/Wave MoonElectric Eye/Wave Moon
Everyday MagicEveryday Magic
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