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Block Prints of Ordinary People
"What is essential is invisible to the eye"

"What is essential is invisible to the eye"

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"A Very Lucky Man""A Very Lucky Man"The "bowl" was always full to overflowing...
"At Last He Sleeps""At Last He Sleeps"an odd vision for a man whose dreams were of paramount importance...
"Awake!""Awake!"personal icons that speak to everyone
"Babylon Sky""Babylon Sky"contemplation of the milky way
"Downpour""Downpour"Dream Oracle Tarot: The Three of Leaves
"Fisher King""Fisher King"Dream Oracle Tarot: Major Arcana
"Gardener""Gardener"Dream Oracle Tarot: Major Arcana
"Old Friend""Old Friend"Both Marvin and I have had the privilege of making friends with "chronologically advantaged adults", and our lives have been much richer for it!
"Park Bench""Park Bench"
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