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Dream Tarot

Dream Tarot

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"Moon Pie""Moon Pie"
"My Backyard Is A Rainforest""My Backyard Is A Rainforest"
"My Head Is Spinning""My Head Is Spinning"
"Neighborhood Saint""Neighborhood Saint"
"Nirvana Pie""Nirvana Pie"
"Number Suite""Number Suite"
"Odd Attraction""Odd Attraction"Sometimes Marvin's dreams would be centered around new and unusual inventions. In this dream, he came up with an idea for a magnet which not only had a positive and negative side, but a third side with both attraction and repulsion. It's a great metaphor for learning to blend both positive and negative elements in our lives.
"Plant An Idea""Plant An Idea"
"Quick as That, He was Gone""Quick as That, He was Gone"
"Reading Centaur""Reading Centaur"
"Red Worm""Red Worm"Another mysterious birth of an idea...
"Sabertooth Snail""Sabertooth Snail"This little image makes big folks Laugh Out Loud!
"Same Old Song""Same Old Song""Little Bullets" linocut illustration
"Sammy Echidna Tells All""Sammy Echidna Tells All"
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