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Dream Tarot

Dream Tarot

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"Electric Eye/Wave Moon""Electric Eye/Wave Moon"
"Everyday Magic""Everyday Magic"
"Fear Of Color""Fear Of Color"
"Foolish""Foolish"a fool with a soul patch
"Green-Eyed Monster""Green-Eyed Monster"Dream Oracle Tarot: The Two of Horns
"Happily Consumed""Happily Consumed"
"House Of Argus On Fire""House Of Argus On Fire"
"I Miss Cat Stevens""I Miss Cat Stevens"
"Inky Puddle""Inky Puddle"Simple linocut, and it looks just like her!
"Lao Tzu And Rene Descartes Engage In A Philosophical Battle""Lao Tzu And Rene Descartes Engage In A Philosophical Battle"
"Life Imitates Cat""Life Imitates Cat"
"Mechanical Fool""Mechanical Fool"Gee, another play on words? Who would have dreamed? Like many of Marvin's images, the words came first. He heard a turn of phrase, it churned in his imagination, and came out as a funny little linoleum block print that makes me smile.
"Miro Writes Me Now And Then""Miro Writes Me Now And Then"
"Monotaur""Monotaur"A minotaur with only one horn
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