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Periodic Table Series ~ All Images are 2" x 2"
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"Abundance""Abundance"A modern cornucopia...
"Alchemy""Alchemy"Sun and Moon as one
"Anachronism""Anachronism"do you think they get C-Span?
"Ants""Ants"fascinating little industrial insects
"Apple Pie""Apple Pie"as American (or Dutch as the case may be) as Apple Pie
"Bad Toupee'""Bad Toupee'"clueless man with a bad hair piece
"Basics""Basics"Keep it simple!
"Beach""Beach"put a little surf and sand in your life!
"Bonfire""Bonfire"Many of us have favorite memories with a bonfire in the middle...
"Books""Books"for the bibliophile in your life
"Chair""Chair"Curl up in this chair with a book and a cat... that's my happy place!
"Comfort""Comfort"My personal favorite allergen...
"Destiny""Destiny"the dawn of a new day
"Elvis""Elvis"R.I.P. to the King!
"Faith""Faith"one giant Leap!
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