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Spiritual, Philosophical, Mythological
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Dream Tarot

Dream Tarot

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"Garden Buddha""Garden Buddha"
"Goddess Of The Waters""Goddess Of The Waters"an angel protects the waters
"Gods""Gods"Zeus, Prometheus, Thor... take your pick!
"Grandmother Moon""Grandmother Moon"
"Grandmother Spider""Grandmother Spider"an important Native American mythological character.
"Han Shan's House""Han Shan's House"
"Healing Buddha""Healing Buddha"
"Healing""Healing"many hands throw healing leaves...
"Here, there be Dragons!""Here, there be Dragons!"
"Herm Obscured""Herm Obscured"even the "small gods" need to be polite...
"Hermes at Rest""Hermes at Rest"
"Hermes Of The Witches""Hermes Of The Witches"Dream Oracle Tarot: Major Arcana
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