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Dream Tarot
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Dream Tarot

Dream Tarot

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"Shofars""Shofars"Dream Oracle Tarot: The Four Of Horns
"Spirit""Spirit"...An Element in the "Periodic Table" Rabbit was Marvin's "spirit guide", and appeared in some unusual places! See how many prints you can find which contain bunnies...
"Tao""Tao"An Element from the "Periodic Table" The Way, the spiral of life, with all it's variation and color.
"The Mother Of All Masks""The Mother Of All Masks"
"The Myth Of Leaves""The Myth Of Leaves"Dream Oracle Tarot: The Four Of Leaves
"The Philosophy Lesson""The Philosophy Lesson"Marvin and his father have a discussion
"Thor As Carpenter""Thor As Carpenter"The god of lightning and thunder...
"Transformation""Transformation"An Element from the "Periodic Table" The apple as metaphor for Life, ever-changing. Take a bite!
"Vulcan""Vulcan"Forging Jupiter's thunderbolts
"Vulcan's House""Vulcan's House"Patron god of fire
Biangel: Angel Of The WaterBiangel: Angel Of The Water
BuddhaBuddhaWe are all Buddha
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