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Dream Tarot
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Dream Tarot

Dream Tarot

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"Thor As Carpenter""Thor As Carpenter"The god of lightning and thunder...
"Thought Thief""Thought Thief"A dream depiction of... uh... what was I saying?
"Traffic Jam""Traffic Jam""Little Bullets" linocut illustration
"Twins Of Earth And Air Are Born Of Ocean's Womb""Twins Of Earth And Air Are Born Of Ocean's Womb"Must be fraternal!
"Twister""Twister"At least we don't have tsunami in the midwest!
"Tying Tomatoes""Tying Tomatoes"Horizontal linocut
"Unhandy""Unhandy"...Not for lack of effort!
"Upper Flat""Upper Flat"A Duplex Still Life...
"Vulcan""Vulcan"Forging Jupiter's thunderbolts
"Vulcan's House""Vulcan's House"Patron god of fire
"Water That Does Not""Water That Does Not"...Major Arcana from the "Dream Oracle Tarot"
"We Are About To See'"We Are About To See'Major Arcana from "Dream Oracle Tarot"
"Weezy's Night Out""Weezy's Night Out"Tale of a wayward kitty
"Who Knows?"We might understand our fates, but what path will we take to get there?
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