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8"x10" Frame
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Dream Tarot

Dream Tarot

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"We Are About To See'"We Are About To See'Major Arcana from "Dream Oracle Tarot"
"Weezy's Night Out""Weezy's Night Out"Tale of a wayward kitty
"Who Knows?""Who Knows?"We might understand our fates, but what path will we take to get there?
"Why I am Late for Work (2D)""Why I am Late for Work (2D)"
"Wind Whistles""Wind Whistles"Major Arcana from "Dream Oracle Tarot"
"Windmill""Windmill"the Six of Feathers from "Dream Oracle Tarot"
"Woman Fears Dog""Woman Fears Dog"A linocut illustration of a real event
"Young Dog""Young Dog"Little Bullets linocut illustration
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