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Dream Tarot

Dream Tarot

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"Sidelong Mask""Sidelong Mask"One of the many mask images
"Soup Of The Evening""Soup Of The Evening"A soup pot full of stars and planets...
"Spilled Vessels""Spilled Vessels"...the Two of Eggs from "Dream Oracle Tarot"
"Sudden Rain""Sudden Rain"
"Sword Of Discrimination""Sword Of Discrimination"the double-edged sword
"Thank You""Thank You"Dream Oracle Tarot: Major Arcana
"The Crown""The Crown"Dream Oracle Tarot: Major Arcana
"The Dog Speaks of Matters We Cannot Know""The Dog Speaks of Matters We Cannot Know"Dream Oracle Tarot: Major Arcana
"The Hand In The Mirror""The Hand In The Mirror"
"The Juggler""The Juggler"Dream Oracle Tarot: The Six of Eggs Six of Eggs
"The King Sees The Faraway Past""The King Sees The Faraway Past"Dream Oracle Tarot: Major Arcana
"The Living Furnace""The Living Furnace"Dream Oracle Tarot: Major Arcana
"The Mind Wanders""The Mind Wanders"
"The Myth Of Leaves""The Myth Of Leaves"Dream Oracle Tarot: The Four Of Leaves
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