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Dream Tarot

Dream Tarot

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"Tree mask""Tree mask"
"Twister""Twister"At least we don't have tsunami in the midwest!
"Two Pears""Two Pears"sweet little linocuts
"Tying Tomatoes""Tying Tomatoes"Horizontal linocut
"Unhandy""Unhandy"...Not for lack of effort!
"Upper Flat""Upper Flat"A Duplex Still Life...
"Warm Tubby""Warm Tubby"
"We Picked Up Shells""We Picked Up Shells"
"Weezy's Night Out""Weezy's Night Out"Tale of a wayward kitty
"Who Knows?""Who Knows?"We might understand our fates, but what path will we take to get there?
"Why I am Late for Work (2D)""Why I am Late for Work (2D)"
"Wigwam Woman""Wigwam Woman"
"Wine Cellar""Wine Cellar"
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