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Dream Tarot
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Dream Tarot

Dream Tarot

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"Light""Light"I've started matting "Light" with "Sound", making more of an interesting story. They were done at the same time, and seem to belong together.
"Lightning Rod""Lightning Rod"Powerful energy for such a little blockprint!
"Mountain""Mountain"Metaphor or adventure, the challenges are worth the journey!
"New Life""New Life"Our property is covered in box elder trees, which will continue to grow even when they've been sawed off to the ground. Marvin was intrigued by this tenacious hold on life.
"Night""Night"A marvelous little woodcut illustration of a building part in shadow and lit by the street lamp.
"Percolator""Percolator"An old college buddy!
"Persistance""Persistance"Dream Oracle Tarot: The Five Of Leaves
"Raisin Pie""Raisin Pie"A Southern Illinois favorite!
"Scissors""Scissors"from salons to kindergartens...
"Shadow""Shadow"... just like Peter Pan
"Sharp Tools""Sharp Tools"An Element from the "Periodic Table" Implements of creation: the necessary tools of the block printer's trade
"Sleep""Sleep"...An Element from the "Periodic Table" A must for every college student!
"Sound""Sound"If a tree is struck by lightening in the forest and there's no one around to hear it, will it still make good kindling? In 2007 I started pairing this little matboard cut with "Sight", which made a more powerful, interesting statement
"T.V.""T.V."An Element from the "Periodic Table" An elemental fixture... how much does it influence your life?
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