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Dream Tarot
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Dream Tarot

Dream Tarot

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"Tea""Tea"An Element from the "Periodic Table" Hot tea on a cool evening -- bringing calm and clarity
"Thanksgiving""Thanksgiving"An Element from the "Periodic Table" Turkey and all the fixin's
"Time""Time"An Element from the "Periodic Table" the sands of time, falling steadily and unfaltering
"Traffic Jam""Traffic Jam""Little Bullets" linocut illustration
"Twister""Twister"At least we don't have tsunami in the midwest!
"Two Pears""Two Pears"sweet little linocuts
"Upper Flat""Upper Flat"A Duplex Still Life...
"Warm Mittens"Warm Mittensthe comfort of a great pair of warm mittens
"Wine Cellar""Wine Cellar"
"Woman Fears Dog""Woman Fears Dog"A linocut illustration of a real event
Cross SectionCross Section
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