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Dream Tarot

Dream Tarot

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"Sound""Sound"If a tree is struck by lightening in the forest and there's no one around to hear it, will it still make good kindling? In 2007 I started pairing this little matboard cut with "Sight", which made a more powerful, interesting statement
"Spring Fever""Spring Fever"
"Suburb On The Moon""Suburb On The Moon"
"Sudden Rain""Sudden Rain"
"Thomas Hardy""Thomas Hardy"
"Three Edens""Three Edens"
"Three Peppers""Three Peppers"
"Three Water Dreams""Three Water Dreams"
"Tomato and Pepper""Tomato and Pepper"
"Traffic Jam""Traffic Jam""Little Bullets" linocut illustration
"Tree House""Tree House"
"Tree Mask""Tree Mask"
"Twister""Twister"At least we don't have tsunami in the midwest!
"Two Pears""Two Pears"sweet little linocuts
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